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The Psychology Behind Online Casino Slots and What Makes Them So Popular

The Psychology Behind Online Casino Slots and What Makes Them So Popular In 2016, the global social casino market was estimated at $3.81 billion. Today, online casino gaming, and especially online slots, are getting extremely popular thanks to the worldwide mobile usage and technology leverage. Playing spain online casinos is legal in European countries. In this article, we […]


What Really is a Online Casino?

With the technology and power of the Internet and so many people having access to it, it has opened up some wonderful opportunities to enjoy all kinds of entertainment. Online casinos are an amazing resource that fits into this category. Gambling Online casinos in Spain is legal in various forms both online and offline and is regulated by the […]


Gambling and online casinos

Many of us have watched films about Ocean’s friends and about the students who made a fortune at the casino (the movie “Twenty-One”), more than once after that, dreaming about how we ourselves would become sudden millionaires through roulette or cards. If you’re a man who likes to take risks, tickle your nerves, dispel adrenaline […]


Casino marathon bet dispersion

The terms “dispersion” and “volatility” are used to describe slot machines. They act as synonyms and show the absolute mathematical expectation of the slot, not reflecting the periodicity of winnings and their magnitude. What does dispersion in machines mean? The term “variance” came to the gaming industry from the theory of probability, in which it […]

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