Respin marathonbet casino mobile function

Respin marathonbet casino mobile function

Respin marathonbet casino mobile function

Slot machines with special symbols and additional prize options are more valuable than games with simple functionality. Among the standard parameters – the presence of Wilde and Scatter, often these characters are complemented by special features. One of them is to receive and activate a respirin, that is one or several rotations calculated to the number of other prize freespins.

Features and use of Respin

Respin marathonbet casino mobile function

Respins are only available at online casinos, this is the innovation of developers of modern gaming software Marathon Bet. The function of re-spins can be incorporated even in a simple machine, but most often these are new games such as Jurassic Parl, Sakura Fortune, James Dean. For the maximum positive effect from Respin you need to know the following about it:

  1. It’s a kind of bonus round, during which the conditions of the game change: multipliers appear, winning odds increase, etc.;
  2. Respins are very similar to Frispin, especially if both are launched by Scatter and activate the same new symbol (like Sticky Wilde);
  3. Respin is activated in connection with the player’s actions. These are either activating symbols or winning lines after the spin;
  4. Some machines offer random freespins to keep the player interested and tuned.

Unusual Options of Respirin Machines

Some video slots have an option to twist the drums. There is a separate start button under each reel – this allows you to selectively rotate them by selecting the characters. In marathonbet casino mobile such cases, the bet may cost more than the entire spin, especially when one special character is missing. Respin as a free spin with additional options is much less expensive and does not take away the bet from the player.

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