Guide to internet casino gambling by 1-800 Online Casino

Welcome to our Casino

Your visit to our casino beings in the casino lobby.  From here, you can select to play any of our games as well as access the cashier (online only).  You'll also find that no matter where you are in the casino, you'll always have access to the online help and configuration options via the buttons in the upper-right corner of your screen.

Help is always context-sensitive, meaning it will always display whatever help is relevant to the current screen you are on.  When playing a game, the HELP button will allow you to quickly review game rules, payouts, and instructions on operating the game.

The OPTIONS button displays the casino options dialog where you can adjust sound volumes and animation speeds, select your currency (where applicable), as well as adjust other configurable parameters.

Select a Game

To select a game from the casino lobby, move your mouse over the table game or machine that you would like to play.  When the game appears illuminated, click your left mouse button to launch the game.  Once inside the game, you can always click the BACK button in the upper right corner of the screen to return to the casino lobby (assuming you do not have active wagers in the game).

If you are playing online and your connection to our casino server is lost during a game, your bet, balance, and the state of the game will be saved until you reconnect.  Once you have reconnected, any game that has a game in progress will be marked with "game in progress" (see left).  Simply launch the game again to continue from where you were interrupted.

Please be aware that under some circumstances, it can take our servers up to 15 minutes to determine that you have been abnormally disconnected.  If you attempt to reconnect and receive a "You already have a session on the server" error message, please wait a while longer and then attempt to reconnect again.

Game Updates

When playing the online version of our casino, the game will automatically try to determine if there are any updates that must be downloaded.  Updates can include cosmetic and operational enhancements to the casino as well as the introduction of new games!

If the casino has determined that updates are available, you will be presented with a list of games affected by the update.  You can choose to update only the games that interest you in order to minimize the download time.  Games that you choose not to update at this time will give you the opportunity the next time you attempt to play one of these games.

Playing for Practice

The practice version of the casino allows you to play our casino games without placing real wagers and without the need to be connected to our servers.  The practice version plays in exactly the same way as the online version except you will no longer have access to the cashier or the ability to play in foreign currency (where applicable).

You may only play a game in practice mode if you have previously downloaded all the required files.  If the game has detected that any of its required files are missing, you will be instructed to run the online version of the casino where the auto-update process will allow you to download the necessary files.

If you are attempting to update or download a new casino game, but you are not presented with the auto-update dialog when you first run the online casino -- login to the casino (create a new account if necessary), then attempt to play the desired game online.  If the game requires an update, you will be given the option to download the necessary files at that time.  Once the files have been downloaded and the game has launched, you may exit the casino and play the practice version off-line at any time.

Exiting the Casino

Clicking the EXIT button in upper-right corner of the casino lobby screen ends your on-line gaming session by disconnecting you from our casino server.  You will need to login again the next time you want to play on-line.  You should always EXIT from the casino when you will not be playing for any period of time, or when leaving your computer unattended in the presence of others.

Note that once you have placed a bet and started a game, the game's BACK button will become disabled, preventing you from returning to the casino lobby.  You will not be able to exit the game or the casino until the final result of all wagers in the current game have been determined.  If the game is abnormally terminated, both your balance and your current wager will be saved so that the game may be completed at a later time.

Cashier Services - only available online

The Cashier provides access to all your money transaction options, history logs, as well as options to update your account information and to change your login password.  Using the Cashier you can deposit money into your casino account, or withdraw money out of your casino account.  Every money transaction is logged (transfers, deposits, withdrawals), and these logs are available to you at any time from within the Cashier.

The casino logs every game played, and you always have access to view these logs through the cashier.  The logs will show you every wager made, including the amount bet, the amount won or lost, your balance before and after, and the resulting hand(s), spin, dice roll, or other game-specific information.

See the help from within the Cashier for more information.

Configuration Options

Options allow you to customize the operation of the casino software.  The option dialog presents you with 3 tabs: Audio, Video, and Currency (where applicable).  Options are enabled when the checkbox beside an option has a check in it.

Clicking on the Audio Tab will present you with all the options related to the game's sound.  Clicking on the Video tab will present you with all the options associated with the game's graphics and animations.  Clicking on the Currency tab will allow you to select from a list of available foreign currencies to play with.  You may only change currencies from the casino lobby or the cashier screen, and only if there are no interrupted games in progress waiting for completion.

Audio Options

Sound Effects Enabled
With sound effects disabled you will not hear any sounds in the game.

Background Sounds Enabled
If you want to hear the sound effects in each game, but you do not want to hear any background sounds, uncheck this option.  Background sounds include the music and the "chatter" of other people in the casino.

Sound Effects Volume
To make the sound effects quieter, move the slider towards the left.  Moving the slider to the right will make the sound effects louder.  The leftmost position will turn the sound effects off while the rightmost position sets the sound effects at maximum volume.

Background Volume
To make the background sounds quieter, move the slider towards the left.  Moving the slider to the right will make the background sounds louder.  The leftmost position will turn the background sounds off while the rightmost position sets the background sounds at maximum volume.

Video Options

Full Screen Display
If Full Screen Display is checked, the casino will occupy the full viewing area of your screen.  If unchecked, the game will play inside a normal window on your desktop.  We recommend playing in full screen for a richer experience and improved performance.

Animations Enabled
When animations are enabled, you will see such things as the cards being dealt in any card game, the dice rolling in craps, the roulette wheel spinning in roulette, the reels spinning on the slot machine, etc.  With animations disabled, the results of any hand, roll, or spin will be displayed as soon as the result is received.  You may find it more difficult to follow a game with animations disabled.

Use Graphic Mouse Cursor
If your mouse pointer tends to flicker or disappear while playing, select this option to have the game draw its own mouse pointer instead of using the Windows default mouse pointer.

Animation Speed
To slow down the playback speed for animations, move the slider towards the left.  Moving the slider to the right will cause animations to play faster.  Please note that increasing or decreasing the speed of animations may cause side effects such as sound effects falling out of sync with the animation.