How to get the best from Marathon Bet Casino

How to get the best from Marathon Bet Casino

How to get the best from Marathon Bet Casino

Gambling is becoming Marathon Bet Casino a pleasant pastime for more and more people. However, if you are new to land-based casinos or even online, you can easily get confused. You’ll hear the random words shouted out in full voice by players and dealers. For the new guy, the casino can be a confusing place.

There is no doubt that over the years of its life, the casino industry has developed a unique slang. Many of the classic board games – blackjack, roulette, craps – go in a very fast rhythm, because it is profitable for the casino operators to process as many layouts as possible within an hour.

Let’s take a look at the most popular phrases at the tables, so you don’t feel uncomfortable if someone uses them:

How to get the best from Marathon Bet Casino
  • Betting the limit: This phrase is spoken by a self-confident player Online Gaming at 888casino who chooses the highest bet in one round or on his back.
  • Card counting: In land-based casinos, this is often disapproved. If you get caught in a blackjack card account (you memorize players’ cards for approximate counting of cards left in the dealer’s hand), you’re likely to be politely asked to leave. Counting cards is considered an unsporting act.
  • Can I change the color? (Can I color up?): A casino player asks the dealer to “change the color”, which means: they exchange a large number of chips of a small value for a smaller number of chips, but with a larger value.
  • Free (Comps): Your neighbor may sometimes say that he likes the “free” of casino chips. This includes gifts for customers – free drinks, food, overnight stays at the hotel.
  • Flat top slot machine: A slot machine that only pays a certain amount each time. The jackpot in it also does not increase, as opposed to progressive slots.
  • Hot streak: A player waiting to win a race. A slot can also be called a “Golden streak” if it pays regularly.
  • Live casino: Ultra-modern online casinos offer an increasing number of streaming sessions with live dealers working at these tables.
  • Loading up: A player “loads up” when he puts the maximum number of coins on his back that the slot machine can allow.
  • Pigeon: More experienced players may try to piss you off by calling you a dove – naive or inexperienced player.
  • Pit boss: An supervisor who monitors all tables in the casino.
  • Spooking: A form of purity for which you are guaranteed to be kicked out of the casino. This means standing behind a blackjack player and telling your friends at the table what cards he has.
  • Toke for the dealer: Winning players reward the dealer with a tip when they give the chips to cash out.
  • Vigorish: A casino commission, also known as a casino win (house edge).
  • Whale: Players who place very large bets are more than the neighbors at the table.

Both newcomers and experienced pros will find it useful to learn about new phrases and sayings in the casino. Remember: Failure in preparation means preparing for failure. 

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