Internet casino gambling terms by 1-800 Online Casino

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ACTION - the amount of money wagered by a player during an entire playing session

ANCHOR MAN - the player betting on the last box on the blackjack table and making the final decision, therefore anchoring the game.

ANTE - usually in card games, a term used for the first money wagered on a hand

ANY CRAPS - a one-roll dice bet covering the 2, 3, or 12

ANY SEVEN - a one-roll dice bet covering any 7

AUDITION - a casino test to determine if a dealer will be hired


BACCARAT - a card game where the winning hand totals closest to 9, discounting all units of 10

BACK LINE - See: Don't Pass Line

BAG - an English casino term for thousand, e.g., 3 bag = 3 thousand

BANKROLL - the amount of money a player has for one gaming session

BAR THE 12 - makes the 12 a push on the Don't Pass Bar

BASE - area on the dice table where the majority of bets are made and paid

BASE DEALER - dice dealer in charge of one of the bases

BASIC STRATEGY - the mathematically correct way to play blackjack

BETTING LIMITS - the minimum and maximum that can be wagered on one bet

BETTING RIGHT - betting on the Pass Line or with the shooter

BETTING WRONG - betting on the Don't Pass or against the shooter

BLACKJACK - a card game where players try to beat the dealer by getting closest to 21 without going over

BLACKJACK - a hand whose first two cards total 21

BOOK - to accept a bet

BOX - area of the dice table controlled by the boxman

BOXMAN - the casino employee in charge of the craps table

BREAK - to exceed 21

BURN CARD - any card placed in the discard rack without being entered into play

BUST - to go over 21


CALL BET - a bet made verbally

CARD COUNTING - a system to keep track of the percentage of high cards to low cards. Used in blackjack to gain an advantage over the house

CARIBBEAN STUD - a five-card poker game with all players playing against the house

CHANGE COLOR - exchange one-color denomination casino chip for another

CHIPS - name given to the tokens used at the gaming tables

CHECK - name given to the tokens used at the gaming tables

COLOR UP/OUT - exchange smaller denomination chips for larger denomination chips

COME BET - a wager placed on the Come Line. Same as rules as the Pass Line, but placed after the point has been established

COME LINE - area on the craps table where Come Bets are placed

COME OUT ROLL - the first roll of the dice or the first roll after a point has been made. This roll establishes the point

CRAPS OUT - rolling a Crap (2, 3, or 12) on the come-out roll

CRAPS - dice term for 2, 3, and 12

CREW - dice/craps dealers assigned to the game

CROUPIER - term mainly used when referring to roulette and sometimes baccarat dealers

CUT - to divide the deck into two parts

CUT CARD - a hard plastic card used to cut the deck


DEALER - a casino employee who deals the various games

DISCARD RACK - area of the table where the used cards are placed

DON'T COME BET - a bet placed on the Don't Come Bar. Same rules as the Don't Pass Line, except placed after the come-out roll

DON'T PASS BET - a wager placed prior to the Come-Out Roll that a seven will be rolled before a point is repeated

DON'T PASS LINE - the area on the layout where Don't Pass Bets are placed

DOUBLE UP - to increase a wager after the first two cards are drawn


EDGE - the casino's advantage

EVEN MONEY - when the player has a blackjack and the dealer has an ace showing, a payout offered before the hole card is checked, pays 1-1 instead of 3-2

EVEN-MONEY - a payoff of 1-1


FACE CARDS - the king, queen, or jack of each suite

FIRST BASE - the first seat nearest the shoe

FLOAT - the table bank

FLOORMAN - a casino employee who is part of the management team

FRONT LINE - See Pass Line

GEORGE - a good tipper


HIT - to take another card

HOLE CARD - the dealer's face-down card

HORN BET - a one-roll bet that combines the 2, 3, 11, and 12.


INSURANCE - a side bet that the dealer has a blackjack. It is offered when the dealer's upcard is an ace. If the dealer has a blackjack, the bet is paid 2-1, if the dealer does not; the insurance bet loses


LET IT RIDE - a poker game

LUMPY - a break-in dealer. Called this because their dealing is not smooth


MONKEY - chinese term used in casinos for a card valued at ten

MONEY - $500


NICKEL - $5 chips

NON-NEGOTIABLE - a promotional chip which can't be exchanged for cash


ODDS - the amount a bet pays out: 2-1, 7-5, 35-1

OFF - term meaning that bets are not working

ONE-ROLL BETS - wagers that will win or lose depending on the next roll of the dice


PALLETTE - the flat paddle used on the baccarat tables to scoop the cards

PASS-LINE BET - a wager made prior to the come-out roll that a point will repeat

PASS LINE - the area where a Pass-Line Bet is placed

PLAYER - a casino patron

POINT - dice term for the number rolled on the come-out roll if a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. The point has to be repeated before a seven rolls for the Pass Line bets to win

PRESS - increasing a bet by double

PROPOSITION BET - dice bets on number combinations

PUNTER - a casino player

PUSH - when the dealer and the player have hands with the same total. No one wins or loses


QUARTER - $25 chips

RIGHT BETTOR -a person betting on the Pass Line


SEVEN - OUT - rolling a seven after the point has been established

SHILL - a person employed by the casino as a game starter

SHOE - name given to the box in which the dealer places the freshly shuffled cards. Each hand is then dealt from the shoe

SHOOTER - the person rolling the dice

SOFT HAND - any blackjack hand that contains an ace valued at eleven

STAND - to not take any more cards

STICKMAN - the dice dealer who calls the numbers rolled and controls the stick

STUD POKER - poker game with no draw

SURRENDER - to give up half the wager before the hand is complete


TABLE TEST - See Audition

TIP - a gratuity

TOKE - See Tip

TOKEN - the casino coins used to play slot machines


UPCARD - the dealer's exposed card

WHALE - name given to a high roller

WORKING - a dice term meaning that the bets are in play

WORLD BET - a one-roll dice bet on the horn including the seven

WRONG BETTOR - a dice player who bets on the Don't Pass Line