If you happen to hear a group of people making a lot of noise in a casino, they're probably playing Craps. Craps is by far the fastest table game in the casino and can often be one of the most exciting. A single throw of the dice can often win a lot of money. The game is thought to have originated in the United States, derived from a popular game that existed long ago in England.

Objective of the game

The object of the game is for the player (called the shooter) to roll a pair of dice and bet on the outcome of that roll. Payoffs are made based on the number combination displayed when the dice come to rest. Most bets are based on one of two things:
How to play
4 and 10 2 to 1
5 and 9 3 to 2
6 and 8 6 to 5

The payout in craps often varies depending on what point has been established or what total the player is trying to roll. The table below lists all the payouts available in craps. In some cases, the payout lists the numbers for which this payout applies.

Pass Line 1:1
Pass Line Odds - 4 and 10 2:1
Pass Line Odds - 5 and 9 3:2
Pass Line Odds - 6 and 8 6:5
Don't Pass 1:1
Don't Pass Odds - 4 and 10 1:2
Don't Pass Odds - 5 and 9 2:3
Don't Pass Odds - 6 and 8 5:6
Come 1:1
Come Odds - 4 and 10 2:1
Come Odds - 5 and 9 3:2

Come Odds - 6 and 8 6:5
Don't Come 1:1
Don't Come Odds - 4 and 10 1:2
Don't Come Odds - 5 and 9 2:3
Don't Come Odds - 6 and 8 5:6
Place - 4 and 10 9:5
Place - 5 and 9 7:5
Place - 6 and 8 7:6
Don't Place - 4 and 10 5:11
Don't Place - 5 and 9 5:8
Don't Place - 6 and 8 4:5
Buy - 4 and 10 2:1
Buy - 5 and 9 3:2
Buy - 6 and 8 6:5
Lay - 4 and 10 1:2
Lay - 5 and 9 2:3
Lay - 6 and 8 5:6
Big 6 / Big 8 1:1
Field - 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 1:1
Field - 2, 12 2:1
Any Seven 4:1
Any Craps 7:1
Horn Twelve 30:1
Horn Two 30:1
Horn Eleven 15:1
Horn Three 15:1
Hard 4 7:1
Hard 6 9:1
Hard 8 9:1
Hard 10 7:1

For example, " Pass Line Odds - 4 and 10 " is the payout for a successful odds bet on the Pass Line when the point is 4 or 10. " Come Odds - 6 and 8 " is the payout for a successful odds bet on a Come in the 6 or 8 position.

Placing Bets

As you move your mouse across the betting area of the Craps table, you'll notice that a text message will appear toward bottom right corner of the screen displaying the current betting area covered by your mouse pointer and the bet placed on it. The text will appear in blue if the bet is sufficient and in red if the bet is less than the minimum required (or invalid) for this spot. Each time you left-click over the Craps table, you will place your selected chip denomination on the table -- adding to any chips that might already be there. To remove the selected chip denomination from the table, right-click on the table.

Some bets such as Place, Don't Place, Come, Don't Come, Buy, and Lay are not marked on a Craps table. See the diagrams on the following pages to learn where these bets should be placed. Odds bets can be placed simply by clicking on the original bet to which you wish to add the odds bet.

Available on come out roll

Available after point is established
You can change the denomination of the chips you will be adding or subtracting from your bet by selecting one of the chips on the left side of the screen above the status panel. The chip with that is highlighted represents the amount by which you will change your bet.

For example: If you wish to place a $25 bet, make sure the $25 chip is selected by clicking on it. The $25 chip should now be highlighted. You can then left-click in any of the betting areas to place a $25 bet. If you left-click a second time in the same betting area, you will add another $25 chip to your bet for a total of $50. You could then select the $5 chip and click in the betting area to increase your bet to $55. Right-clicking in the betting area peforms the opposite function by removing the amount from your bet.

The image above shows where some of the unmarked bets are placed on the craps table. Buy bets and Lay bets are located on the line in the lower right corner of each Come/Don't Come box respectively.

Rolling the dice

To roll the dice, click the button marked ROLL at the bottom of the screen. You are not required to bet on the come out roll, so no bets need to be placed if you prefer to wait until a point has been established. Remember that you cannot make a Pass Line or Don't Pass bet if a point has already been established. You also cannot make Odds bets on the Pass Line or Don't Pass if you did not bet on the Pass Line or Don't Pass prior to establishing the point.