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Cashier Services - only available online

The Cashier provides access to all your money transaction options, history logs, as well as the ability to update your account information and to change your login password.  Using the Cashier you can deposit money into your casino account, or withdraw money out of your casino account.  You can also view a log of all your money transactions (deposits and withdrawals). 

The Cashier also provides you with logs of all the games you've played.  From these logs, you can see any money that was won or lost, as well as the resulting hands, dice rolls, and spins for every game played.

Purchasing Casino Chips

To deposit money into the Casino, you must purchase Casino chips.  One U.S. dollar purchases one dollar in Casino chips.  Chips can be purchased securely using your credit card.

From the Cashier window, click on the " Purchase Casino Chips from Credit Card " button.  You will be presented with a form that requires you to enter: the amount of chips (in dollars) that you wish to purchase, your first name, your last name, your e-mail address, your phone number, your credit card number, and your credit card expiration date.  You will also be required to provide your credit card billing address for identification and validation purposes.

Once all the fields have been completed, click the OK button and wait for confirmation !  Online transaction times can vary from a few seconds to a few minutes.  Please be patient and wait for confirmation that your credit card purchase has been accepted or declined.

Selling Casino Chips

You may also have the option of refunding chips that were previously purchased on your credit card.  The amount of chips that can be refunded cannot exceed the amount of the initial purchase.

To refund a purchase, click the " Cash Out to Credit Card " button.  You will be presented with a form listing all your previous credit card purchases.  To refund any of the purchases (assuming you have sufficient funds in your casino account), enter the transaction # of the purchase you wish to refund, and click the OK button.  If there are no problems, you should be notified shortly that the refund was successful.

Update Information

Click on this button to update our records should you have a change of home address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.  Please try to keep our records as current as possible to allow us to serve you more efficiently.

Change Password

Passwords should be changed regularly for your own security.  Once changed, your new password will be effective the next time you log into the casino.  Be sure to remember your password, but do not keep it in an obvious place where others might have access to it.  Here are a few tips for choosing a good password:

  • Don't use your login name.
  • Don't use the name of anyone or anything.
  • Don't use any English, or foreign language, word or abbreviation.
  • Don't use any personal information associated with your account.  For example, don't use initials, phone number, ID number, passport number, job title, organizational unit, etc.
  • Don't use keyboard sequences, for example: qwerty.
  • Don't use any of the above spelled backwards, or in caps, or otherwise disguised.
  • Don't use an all-numeric password.
  • Don't use a sample password, no matter how good, that you've gotten from a book that discusses computer security.
  • Do use a mixture of numbers, special characters, and mixed-case letters.
  • Do use a seemingly random selection of letters and numbers.

Money Transaction Logs

Our Casino maintains a complete record of all money transactions, and these records are available to you at any time.  From the Cashier window, click the " View Credit Card Transaction Log " button.  A small window will appear allowing you to select the month and year whose transactions you wish to view.  When you've selected a month and year, click the OK button.  Once the transaction report has been sent to you, a new window will appear displaying all of your Casino money transactions which occurred during the specified month and year.

Game Logs

Each game keeps a log of all wagers won and lost.  These logs contain enough information to be able to determine when and why any money was won or lost.  Each log entry contains your balance at the start of the game, your total wager, the payout amount, your final balance, and an abbreviated "snapshot" of the state of the game when the payout was determined.

Note: The game logs describe cards by combining the first letter of the card's suit in lower case, followed by the rank of the card in uppercase.  For example:

hA Ace of Hearts
sK King of Spades
dQ Queen of Diamonds
cJ Jack of Clubs
d10 Ten of Diamonds
c8 Eight of Clubs

Baccarat Game Log


PlayerBet: 5  Banker Bet: 0  TieBet: 0  PlayerHand: 9 <h3sJs6>
BankerHand: 4 <h7h5h2>
PlayerBet: The amount bet on the "player" hand.
BankerBet: The amount bet on the "banker" hand.
TieBet: The amount bet on "tie".
PlayerHand: The player hand's point total followed by the cards held in the hand.
BankerHand: The banker hand's point total followed by the cards held in the hand.

Blackjack Game Log


D:17  H1: 19  H2: 0  D<cQd2c5>  H1<sKh9>  H2<> DEAL-S
D:# The dealer's hand total.
H1:# The player's first/primary hand total.
H2:# The player's second hand total in the case of a split hand.
D<> The final state of the dealer's hand.
H1<> The final state of the player's first/primary hand.
H2<> The final state of the player's second hand in the case of a split hand.

This is a play-by-play record of the hand. Starting with the initial DEAL, each symbol afterwards represents a decision made by the player.

S - Stand
H - Hit
D - Double Down
I - Insurance
B - Hand Bust (exceeded 21)
SPLIT - Hands were split.
A - Hand stands automatically. This is normally because the
     player's hand total or the dealer's hand total was 21.

Crap Game Log


P:6  D1:5  D2:4  T:9 - PASS:5 PAOD:15 COME:5
P:# The current point at the time the dice were rolled
D1:# The number appearing on the first die
D2:# The number appearing on the second die
T:# The total of both dice

The craps log displays only those bets on the table at the time the dice were thrown.  The log entry may contain 1 or more lines listing all the bets on the table in the format POSITION:BET where POSITION can be any of the following:

ANY7 Any 7
BIG6 Big 6
BIG8 Big 8
BY# Buy #
CM# Come #
CO# Come # Odds
CRAP Any Craps
DC# Don't Come #
DNCM Don't Come
DO# Don't Come # Odds
DOPA Don't Pass
DPOD Don't Pass Odds
FLD Field
HD# Hard 4, Hard 6, Hard 8, or Hard 10
HO# Horn 2, Horn 3, Horn 11, or Horn 12
LA# Lay #
LO# Don't Place #
PAOD Pass Line Odds
PASS Pass Line
WN# Place #

Pai Gow Game Log

Example: P:<c3cJs3c6c2d3hA> D:<dJc9h10d4d9s5c4> -- P.High<c3s3d3c6c2> P.Low: <hAcJ> D.HighL<c9d9dJh10s5> D.Low:<d4c4>
P:<> The player's initial hand.
D:<> The dealer's initial hand.
P.High:<> The player's final high hand.
P.Low:<> The player's final low hand.
D.High:<> The dealer's final high hand.
D.Low:<> The dealer's final low hand.

Roulette Game Log

Example: W:7 - #11:5 #16: 5 C6:5 F12:5 ODD:5 RED:5
W:# The winning number.

The roulette log displays only those bets on the table at the time the wheel was spun.  The log entry may contain 1 or more lines listing all the bets on the table in the format POSITION:BET where POSITION can be any of the following:

# Straight up bet
BLK Black bet
C# Corner bet - numbered left to right, bottom to top, ie: C1=[1,2,4,5], C11=[31,32,34,35], C12=[2,3,5,6], C18=[32,33,35,36]
CO# Column bet - numbered from top to bottom, ie. CO1=[3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30,33,36]
EVN Even bet
F12 First 12 bet (1-12)
FF First Five (0, 00, 1, 2, 3)
HI High bet (19-36)
LOW Low bet (1-18)
ODD Odd bet
P# Split bet, numbered left to right, bottom to top, horizontal splits first, followed by vertical splits ie. S1=[0,00], S2=[1,2], S3=[4,5], S14=[2,3], S15=[5,6], S26=[1,4], S27=[4,7], S37=[2,5], S38=[5,8], S48=[3,6], S49=[6,9]
R# Street bet, numbered from left to right, ie: R1=[1,2,3], R12=[34,35,36]
RED Red bet
S# Six Line bet, numbered left to right, ie: S1=[1,2,3,4,5,6], S6=[31,32,33,34,35,36]
S12 Second 12 bet (13-24)
T12 Third 12 bet (25-36)

Video Poker Game Log


Jacks or Better Pair - Initial: <d4dJhKhQd6>  Final: <h6dJhKhQcQ>

The video poker log displays the name of the hand achieved (or "Nothing" if no winning hand could be made), followed by:

Initial: The first five cards dealt to the player.
Final: The final hand after drawing any cards that were not held.