Big jackpots at best online casinos


Big jackpots at best online casinos

Casino rating is the most important part of choosing
Casino rating is the most important part of choosing

The sizes of jackpots in online casinos are measured in hundreds of thousands of currency units, and sometimes go beyond these limits. One of the biggest winnings in the Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming was $ 20 million and hit the Guinness Book of Records. How is the total amount determined, are the chances of becoming a winner realistic? Even those who play their favorite slots in order to relax and enjoy the process are attracted by the prospect of hitting a big jackpot. Reputable casinos do not forget about the attractiveness of jackpots, inviting customers to try their luck and win an impressive cash prize. Let’s consider what they are and how they differ from each other. Many beginners are faced with the problem of finding sites where there are reviews of slots and the best casinos, but this site helps not only professionals but also beginners to enter the field of online gambling –

What is jackpot

If we take the literal translation from English, then the word jackpot consists of two parts, literally meaning “pot” and “jack” (jack). The term appeared at the end of the 19th century – since 1881 it has been used in poker. If during the game no participant had two jacks, then only part of the pot was played, and the rest was at stake.

This amount was constantly supplemented with new money until someone collected the desired combination and took all the winnings for himself. This word has long gone beyond the scope of poker and is now used in relation to any gambling game with a prize fund that is formed according to a similar principle. Best online casinos in order to become a full-fledged specialist. The jackpot means the largest payout, the size of which is significantly higher than the standard. As a rule, this is the maximum amount that can be received as a prize. This is one of the goals of most gambling enthusiasts, regardless of experience and skills.

Main types of jackpots

The most important prize in the slot is not just a conventional million in a vacuum. Often this is a strictly defined amount for each game, the amount of which may depend on several factors: the institution’s policy, the conditions for the formation of the prize fund and the type of the jackpot itself. Let’s consider the most common ones.


Its size is not affected by the number of tickets sold or bets made.The most comprehensive rating casinos helps not only professionals find a new platform, but also beginners who are just entering the field of online money games. The amount is set by the owner of the establishment or the software developer. The jackpot is won after fulfilling the set conditions – for example, the appearance of symbols or combinations of numbers necessary according to the rules.

Benefits. The main advantages of these cash prizes are their immutability, as well as high chances of winning compared to other types of jackpots. Such games have a higher RTP – the percentage of payments to the player fixed by the developer. Slots with such a jackpot are suitable for those who strive for stable, albeit not too large, victories.

Disadvantages. Fixed jackpots are usually not very large and will not satisfy those who dream of a really huge amount.

Examples. Wild Catch slots from Microgaming with three fixed jackpots, Chilli Heat from Pragmatic Play, Jackpot 6000 from NetEnt and many others.

Accumulative or progressive

Casino rating is the most important part of choosing
Casino rating is the most important part of choosing

This jackpot is formed from the percentage of the bets made by real players. The more there are, the larger the final amount will be. The cash prize increases until someone has the desired combination of symbols or numbers. When the player hits the jackpot, the jackpot size is reset to zero, reducing to the minimum amount (it can be different in each slot). Accumulating jackpots come in different sizes and are often referred to as Mega, Major, Minor, Mini. They also differ in the type of formation of the main prize fund. Online progressive, which consists of the bets made by players in all establishments where this slot is available. This option is offered in the Hall of Gods from the provider NetEnt. The pooled jackpots are the largest possible.

Local. Consists of the bets made by customers in one particular casino. As a result, these jackpots will be much smaller than the network ones. Simply because a limited number of people take part in their formation.

The progressive jackpot can also be secret. Its exact amount has not been announced, the casino only sets the boundaries beyond which the size of the win cannot go. When the accumulated amount of money reaches this value, the winner is selected at random. This does not require fulfillment of certain conditions (coincidence of symbols, combinations).

Attractive amounts, the upper limit of which can be unlimited. The final check does not depend on the size of the current bet, and the gameplay brings the maximum feeling of excitement.

Less chance of winning in Basic Mode than in Fixed Jackpot Slots. This is due to the fact that the total amount is formed by reducing the RTP (theoretical percentage of payments to the player). For example, the return share in the slot machine is declared as 97%, but due to the formation of the prize pool, the RTP of each bet is reduced by 3%. This means that the actual payout percentage in the main game will be 94%.

Who wins the jackpot

The chances of unexpectedly hitting the jackpot in an online casino are small, but this does not mean that some mythical “acquaintances of the owner” of the resource get big wins. The payment of prize money is strictly controlled by regulatory organizations, where all documents confirming the honesty and transparency of the processes are submitted (if we are talking about a licensed and reliable casino).

Casino rating is the most important part of choosing
Casino rating is the most important part of choosing

It happens that people who have been in the subject not very long ago, or even tried their luck for the first time, become lucky, but this is very rare. Often, jackpots go to those who constantly bet and play at a certain distance. Constant involvement in the process does not give any guarantee to receive the most important cash prize, but it increases the chances of winning.

It is curious that the winners of the progressive global jackpot slots from the Swedish company NetEnt are mainly citizens of this country, although there are 200 casinos around the world in the developer’s slots. It is logical to assume that the geofence is of great importance in this case. So, residents of the CIS countries should not count on receiving a network jackpot, but it is quite possible to become owners of local winnings.

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