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best online casino site for playersRoulette best online casino site for players - a game in which players bet on the probability of falling out of different numbers, combinations of numbers or sectors of red or black color. On a game board there is a wheel with 37 or 38 numbers, and also sectors with designations of various types of bets. Players place chips in sectors, then croupier launches the ball on the wheel. The ball falls into a cell with any number, and depending on this determines the outcome of the round - win or lose bets made.

Modern casinos offer various roulette games for free - players have the opportunity to try different versions without spending money and choose the one they like.

The most common history of roulette creation is accidental. French mathematician Blaise Pascal in the XVII century tried to invent the eternal engine, which is why the game appeared. However, there is more ancient evidence of roulette-like games.

best online casino site for playersFor example, in ancient China, there was a game that included 37 animal figures, moving around the site with the numbers that totaled 666. There is no exact proof of how exactly game has migrated to Europe, and as the square has turned into a wheel. Nevertheless, the sum of numbers on a modern wheel makes 666.

Also it is known that soldiers of Ancient Rome and Greece played similar games. The modern roulette casino game includes gameplay from two famous games of the XVII century - "Raleigh Poly" and "Chet-Not". Both included the rotation of the wheel and the conclusion of bets on the result of its spinning. Blaise Pascal was an avid player, and he probably knew about these games when he 888 Casino rating invented his version of the wheel.

The history of European roulette begins in 1842, when two French entrepreneurs, Francois and Louis Blanc, removed the double zero from her wheel - now this version of roulette is called French. They presented their game in Germany, and it was then that German casinos began to gain their fame.

Together with the settlers in the XIX century roulette moved to North America. Here, on the contrary, the version with two zeros became popular. This is how the history of American roulette began.

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