Casino marathon bet dispersion

Marathon BetThe terms "dispersion" and "volatility" are used to describe slot machines. They act as synonyms and show the absolute mathematical expectation of the slot, not reflecting the periodicity of winnings and their magnitude.

What does dispersion in machines mean?

The term "variance" came to the gaming industry from the theory of probability, in which it means a mathematical deviation from the calculated expectation of this or that event. In slot machines, the variability tells users how risky the game is. The higher the variance index, the more likely it is to win a large sum. This parameter should not be confused with the theoretical percentage of return, because there are many slot machines with RTP 96% and higher in their catalogues, but the level of volatility is Marathon Bet fundamentally different. For example, in device leaves 96,24 %, dispersion low - 3,99 from 20, and in video slot Firestorm from Quickspin RTP - 96,57 %, but volatility average - 7,52 from 20. The dispersion shows how much the payout level can deviate from the percentage declared by the developers in a particular game session.

Variables of volatility in slots

Raznovidnosti-volatilnosti-v-slotah.jpgGaming devices with low, medium and high dispersion are available in internet clubs. The first type of slots is characterized by a large number of prize sequences. Payouts are calculated in most spins and rarely exceed the bet. For one or two combinations can be provided high winning odds, but they fall out rarely. Such devices are suitable for users who prefer gambling, dynamics and quick winnings.

Marathon Bet

In slot machines with medium volatility, successful circuits will be formed quite often and payouts will be larger than in machines with low variance. This best casino in prague type of gambling will be suitable for players who do not have a large bankroll and are not ready to give up winnings for a long time.

Video slots with high dispersion is characterized by the fact that they rarely fall out of the prize combinations, but the winnings are large. Playing in such machines, the score will increase thanks to the free-spins and the prize round. Such games are preferred by users who have enough time, patience and impressive bankroll to earn a large sum.

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